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Dr. Suman want you to feel well-informed about the choices available to you so that you can make confident decisions about your dental treatment. We know from experience that when patients feel informed, they are more invested in their oral health and tend to experience fewer problems.

Dr. Suman welcome and encourage your questions at Renaissance Family Dentistry. You deserve straightforward, honest answers, and we need to understand your priorities so we can help you achieve your oral health goals in a way that makes sense for you.

If you do have questions, start by checking out some of those that we hear most frequently, and feel free to call us at (919) 544-7777 if you have another concern that is not listed here.


Dental insurance is an extremely valuable benefit, and at Renaissance Family Dentistry, we will help maximize your plan’s benefits.

Suman Vidyarthi, D.D.S. accepts and file insurance benefits for several insurance companies and are currently in-network providers for Ameritas and Delta Dental. We always verify your insurance benefits on your behalf and work directly with billing, claims, and all aspects of your insurance plan. Insurance plans vary widely in the benefits they offer, but whenever possible, we will inform you of any estimated co-pay prior to your visit.

Please note we are unable to accept Medicaid, any DMO plans, HMO plans, or discount plans at this time. Some of the insurance plans we do accept are listed below. Please contact us at (919) 544-7777 or chat with us online if you have a question about your specific insurance plan. We’re here to help!

Children's Dentistry

Yes! Our team loves meeting children of all ages starting as young as four years old. We enjoy spending time getting to know them and their unique personalities.

Dr. Suman offers preventive care, including exams and teeth cleanings for children at our Durham dental office. As a dentist with 15 years of experience, she understands how to cater to kids’ unique needs to make sure they feel safe and secure every time they visit us.

Our dental care team makes your child’s visits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible because it’s essential that they develop positive feelings about dentistry. You are welcome to stay with your child or even hold him or her on your lap, and our ceiling and chairside TVs help keep them happy and occupied while we treat them.

We offer preventive children’s dentistry, including checkups and dental cleanings every six months. Even before their first appointment, it’s helpful to bring them with you or a sibling to your dental exam. There’s no pressure for your child to behave in a certain way, and the experience helps them see that a dentist is a friendly person who wants to help them.

If your child requires more than routine dental treatment, needs sedation, or has behavioral issues, we will refer you to a trusted pediatric dentist who is specially trained to attend to children’s unique needs.

Please call our Durham, NC dental office to schedule an appointment.

Digital X-Rays

At Renaissance Family Dentistry, our highest priorities are your safety and comfort. Dental x-rays are invaluable because they tell us the story of what’s happening inside your teeth and under your gums. These areas are where many dental problems start to develop, and we need an x-ray to detect them. 

Dr. Suman knows that unnecessary radiation exposure is a concern for everyone, so we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays. Utilizing digital x-rays, we can reduce your exposure by as much as 80 percent. 

Instead of processing x-ray film, digital sensors allow us to see your results in moments on your chairside monitor. With no uncomfortable edges to poke into your cheeks, the sensors are far more comfortable than film, and we need less radiation to produce high-resolution images.

Digital x-rays have also opened up the door for improved patient involvement and education. Since we project the images on your chairside monitor, Dr. Suman uses them to point out areas of concern like cavities or gum infections. Seeing is believing, and when you can visualize the problem, you can better understand why we recommend treatment. 

Part of providing general dentistry for our Durham patients is helping them understand why we recommend the procedures we do. If you ever have a question about the need for dental x-rays, please let our dentists know. They will be happy to explain why we recommend it and what we hope to learn.

Emergency Dentistry

We offer emergency dentistry at our Durham dental office because we believe that you should never endure a toothache for a moment longer than necessary. Waiting for the pain to go away or trying to “tough it out” is not only unpleasant, but it’s also unnecessary when we’re just a phone call away.

Beyond toothaches, there are many other dental emergencies that can slow you down and threaten your oral health if not treated promptly. A filling or dental crown that has broken or come loose may not be painful, but it can make simple things like chewing difficult. And if our emergency dentists don’t address it right away, the tooth may sustain even more damage.

Then there are more significant emergencies like an infected or abscessed tooth, which can be quite painful. Aside from getting the prompt relief you need, it’s essential that Dr. Suman treats a tooth infection as soon as possible.

We want you to know that at Renaissance Family Dentistry, we will make your dental emergency a priority. The first step is to call our team and let us know what you are experiencing. We will see you as soon as possible to relieve your pain, then schedule you for the next available appointment to treat the underlying problem.

If you have a dental emergency in Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, or surrounding communities, don’t spend time wondering what to do. Call our dental office at (919) 544-7777, and we will make time to see you as quickly as possible.

General Dentistry

We choose tooth-colored composite resin as the material for fillings at Renaissance Family Dentistry because of its versatility and natural appearance. For these reasons, the tooth-colored filling material is also perfect for bonding, a cosmetic dental procedure that corrects minor smile flaws.

We exclusively use tooth-colored composite fillings at our Durham dental office because they offer several advantages over older fillings. First, modern composite fillings are much more durable than “white” fillings made decades ago, so they withstand more wear and tear. 

Also, when placing a filling, we don’t need to compromise a lot of healthy tooth structure for a durable repair as we would with a silver filling. Finally, our Durham dentists will carefully custom shade your filling match the white shade of your teeth. We take great pride in designing restorations that look so natural that no one will guess you have had any dental work done. Once your composite filling is in place, even you won't be able to detect the spot where your tooth meets the repair. 

If you have a cavity and need a tooth filling, please call Renaissance Family Dentistry to get started. We are pleased to serve patients in Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, and all surrounding communities.

Periodontal Treatment

Gums that bleed when you brush or floss are one of the most common signs of gum disease or gingivitis.

Unfortunately, gum disease is widespread; in fact, it is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The good news is that in its earliest stage, gingivitis is usually easy to treat with a professional cleaning by our hygienist and a commitment on your part to improved oral hygiene.

Without periodontal disease treatment at our Durham dental office, the infection eventually gradually leads to your gums pulling away from your teeth, and the bone in your jawbone starting to break down. This causes loose teeth and can even lead to tooth loss without treatment; in fact, gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the US.

People can get gum disease at any age. It develops when plaque collects on your teeth and is not thoroughly removed with daily brushing and flossing and periodic dental cleanings. Plaque that sits on your teeth forms a hard, mineral-like substance called tartar, which is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Diligent oral hygiene habits, combined with routine exams and cleaning appointments, are your best bet for avoiding gum disease and the dental problems that go with it.

If you have not had a dental exam and cleaning recently, please call Renaissance Family Dentistry to arrange an appointment. Dr. Suman will perform a thorough exam, and if they find signs of gum disease, they will develop a treatment plan to get your oral health back on track.

We offer preventive dentistry for families in Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, and surrounding communities.

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