Tooth Extraction

At Renaissance Family Dentistry, we provide our Durham patients with a wealth of services that help keep their teeth strong, healthy, and intact. 

If a tooth is decayed or broken, we will do everything possible to restore it to protect your oral health and preserve the structure of the tooth. Still, there are situations where the only safe, healthy option is to remove the tooth.

Why Our Dentists Recommend Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is necessary when a tooth has become unsalvageable by other means like fillings or crowns. Several instances where Dr. Suman might recommend tooth extraction are:

  • Advanced decay: A tooth is so damaged that a filling or crown is not enough to protect it.
  • Root canal infection: A root canal infection has progressed to the point that our dentists can't resolve it with traditional treatment.
  • Denture placement: When planning dental implants or denture treatment, we need to remove one or more teeth for the best outcome.
  • Removal of wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth are difficult to keep clean, and can lead to discomfort in surrounding teeth. 

Your Comfort Is Always Our Priority

Our dentists understand that it can be upsetting to hear that you need to have a tooth removed. Rest assured that our dental care team will provide support and encouragement and do everything possible to make the process stress-free. Our goal is to build long-term relationships is to gain your trust so that you feel comfortable with us, particularly when you need a procedure like a tooth extraction.

If you are worried or nervous, please let us know. Sometimes, just sharing your concerns and getting them out in the open is all it takes to help you feel more confident and comfortable. Dr. Suman has over 15 years of experience in helping fearful patients, and when they understand your concerns, they can tailor your treatment accordingly.

Post-Extraction Guidelines

After your tooth extraction, we will provide you with instructions for at-home care:

  • Bite down gently on the gauze pad on your tooth for an hour after the procedure.
  • To minimize swelling, use ice packs and keep your head elevated as much as possible for 24 hours.
  • After you remove the gauze, you can eat and drink, but stick to soft foods. 
  • Do not rinse, spit, smoke, or drink through a straw. All these actions can dislodge the protective clot that is forming.

We will check in with you on the evening of your procedure, but don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

Please Call for an Appointment

Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth and think you might need a tooth extraction? Please call Renaissance Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment so we can help you. We are pleased to serve families in Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, and all surrounding communities.