Dental Implants

Dental implants have completely changed the way we replace missing teeth. Implants are considered to be the “gold standard” because they are the tooth replacement that most closely resembles a natural tooth. Real teeth are the best teeth, but dental implants are the next best thing.

Dr. Suman Vidyarthi recommends dental implants for their Durham patients to replace one or more missing teeth. From the artificial titanium root placed in your jaw bone, to the crown of the tooth that shows when you smile, a dental implant is a self-contained tooth replacement solution.

How Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

A dental implant consists of three pieces—an implant post, abutment, and implant crown. First, the titanium implant post is placed surgically in your jawbone and left to heal and integrate with the bone and tissue around it. On average, healing takes about 4-6 months, allowing plenty of time for the post to form a secure bond.

Next, Dr. Suman attaches the abutment on the implant, and the final step is to place the implant crown to complete your smile. The result is a complete tooth replacement that is every bit as strong and stable as a real tooth.

The only regret we hear from our Durham patients is that they didn’t get their dental implants sooner! 

The Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

Our dentists use dental implants to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth to restore your beautiful, healthy smile. Implants are popular among dentists and patients because they offer so many benefits.

Unlike a bridge or dentures, dental implants replace a missing tooth root. The root of a tooth does more than hold it in place; it also keeps your jawbone healthy and helps prevents bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost. Replacing the root with a dental implant maintains a healthy and stable jawbone and can help prevent further tooth loss.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are also easy to maintain, and you can brush and floss as you do the rest of your teeth. A dental implant has the potential to last a lifetime, but you must be committed to conscientious, proactive oral health care.

The greatest threat to the stability and longevity of your implant is gum disease, so you must be diligent about oral hygiene and your six-month exams and cleanings. Brush and floss diligently at home and stay current with routine checkups, and you can get years of use out of your investment.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

The first step is to call Renaissance Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment with Dr. Suman, who will perform a thorough examination.

If you’re not a viable candidate for a dental implant, we also offer high-quality dental bridges and full and partial dentures.

We would also be happy to explain bone grafting to you, a technique that can be used to augment existing bone and make it possible to get a dental implant in the future.

We offer state-of-the-art tooth replacement with dental implants for patients in Durham and its surrounding communities of Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and Raleigh.